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Hello and thank you for visiting the web site of Quality Credit Services, Inc. Your interest in, and business with, QCS, Inc. is appreciated. QCS, Inc. is a fully sanctioned, registered, licensed, and bonded Collection Agency Company and Credit Services Company in the State of Colorado. QCS, Inc. is a full service collection agency and credit services company that offers acceptance of A/R outsourcing assignments, a variety of retail/consumer, commercial, industrial, educational, and institutional collection services in both the private and public sectors. Additionally, QCS is available to assist our clients with bad-check collections, 'legal judgment' collections, and in some instances purchase(s) of bad-debts, as well as collector training, collection consulting, A/R portfolio management, and various other credit/collection services.

As Founder, Owner, and President of QCS, Inc. I will strive to ensure that our goal of only being satisfied when you are satisfied is always achieved. My twenty-plus years of credit/collection experience in various capacities in the aforementioned fields will help guide QCS, Inc. in reaching this goal.

I founded the company on what I like to call the 'PRISM of Principles'. Some of these 'founding' principles that I strongly believe in, and that will help guide the operation of QCS, Inc. are delineated on the bottom of these web pages, and will always be on our letterhead as a reminder to us and a promise to you.

Professionalism: QCS, Inc. will always act, operate, and perform in a manner that all parties associated with the company can be proud of.

Results: Understanding that our goal of satisfying you will only be reached with producing results.

Integrity: QCS, Inc. will always operate within and adhere to a high code of values that includes the adherence to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Colorado Collection Agency Board Rules and Regulations and other applicable laws, standards, values, and ethics, where applicable.

Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Mediate: To collect will mean to mediate with your customers and in turn convince/persuade them to pay the debts in question.

QCS differentiates itself from other Collection Agencies in five distinct and important ways:

Most importantly, our founding 'PRISM' of Principles and Mission Statement sincerely mean something to me, and thus my Company, QCS, Inc. I am confident that you will see our actions support our words.

Secondly, QCS has a innovative, unique, flexible, and fair fee schedule that is vastly different than most of those offered by other Agencies. The fee structure is based upon a contingency hourly fee rate and/or contingency balance fee. The lesser of the two amounts is what is billed to our clients.

Thirdly, our member affiliations with both Experian and Dun & Bradstreet Credit reporting Agencies are extremely important. Please see the appropriate icon for more information on this immensely powerful tool and how it can be of great benefit to you and your collections.

Fourth, Quality Credit Services, Inc. or QCS, Inc. also has the legal trade name of Quality Collection Services, Inc. or QCS, Inc. This is important because this allows us the flexibility to use the appropriate names in and with the appropriate circumstances. Differing monikers used in the appropriate circumstances can greatly affect the perception a debtor has of the importance of QCS, its clients, and their individual situation. This will only improve collections.

Lastly, QCS will never mail out a form or blanket dunning notice to a debtor! Rather, all 'Demand Series Notification' letters and other appropriate correspondences are always individually tailored to meet and address the specific details and circumstances of the debt and the debtor. This focus on 'individuality' makes the debtor realize there is a keen interest being taken in regard to the debt by a third party as opposed to a mass or bulk mailing that the debtor can and will easily disregard. It has been our experience that this approach results in much higher collection rates, etc.

I invite you to further explore this site to learn more about QCS, Inc. Our 'Mission Statement', 'References', 'QCS' Credit Reporting Affiliations', 'Services' and 'Contact Us' pages are all easily accessible for your review and convenience.

For detailed information regarding our innovative, unique, flexible, and fair fee structure, and the operations of QCS, Inc., please contact us directly.

QCS will always represent you in a professional manner, be it as your A/R vendor or as the collection agency that handles your bad debts, etc. We realize that we are a direct reflection of and on you when contacting your customers, and will always do so with that in mind. With the vast array of services offered by QCS, Inc., in addition to the unique and flexible fee schedule, QCS, Inc. is willing and able to tailor a specific business plan/relationship for you that is mutually beneficial to all parties involved.

Thank you again for taking the time to learn about QCS, Inc. I look forward to developing a mutually beneficial relationship with you in the near future.


Timothy M. Callanan

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