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A/R Outsourcing Assignments (mostly for commercial accounts; can be used for consumer/retail accounts in some instances): Let us help you reduce your Days Sales Outstandings (DSO). Whatever the circumstances, be it being short-staffed for whatever reason, experiencing seasonal increases in delinquency, experiencing an overall increase in past due receivables, needing an overall clean-up of your A/R portfolio or a cash influx in to your business, A/R's outpacing your staff and company size, Quality Credit Services, Inc. (QCS), Inc. can help! Assign/outsource accounts to QCS, Inc. before they become 30, 60, 90 + days past due, or eventually a bad debt, on a temporary or permanent basis. Do this and we can help you improve your cash flow by reducing your DSO. We will handle the account in any manner you instruct us to; from an 'audit' or 'soft' collection call or 'courtesy' collection call approach to a more conventional collection call approach.

The legal flexibility with our name mentioned on the 'Home' page helps immensely here. Rather than receiving a call or a letter from a 'Collection Agency' the customer is receiving a call or letter from a 'Credit Services' Company that is assisting you with your A/R's. The perception of the customer in being contacted by a 'non-collection agency' goes a very long way in their communication and payment response to QCS, as well as maintaining their positive thoughts about you and their relationship with you, etc. And again, as previously addressed on the 'Home' page, as leverage and only after approved by you, the customer can still be reminded that their credit history with you could be reported to a Credit Bureau Reporting agency, etc.

By outsourcing your A/R to QCS, Inc. you can lower your overhead, lower your D.S.O., increase your cash flow, manage your A/R portfolio, and still keep those accounts in question as your customers if you so desire.

Remember the quality, knowledge, and effectiveness of the person handling your A/R portfolio is a direct reflection on you.

Collection Services (commercial and consumer/retail): QCS, Inc. is well versed to handle collection issues in almost any arena or sector. As is the case in many circumstances, Knowledge is Power in the area of collections. By knowing the different sectors and the differing nuances of each, the ability to collect is greatly enhanced. QCS, Inc. has this knowledge.

Additionally, the ability to collect is also dependent upon the ability to listen, communicate, follow-up and follow through, pursue other leads and options, etc. With the experience of QCS, Inc. you can be assured that all of these attributes and more are being used in a professional and reasoned manner/approach with your debtor.

To reinforce the notion that you want to and need to get paid, all letters and such are personalized to match the debt and the debtor's circumstances. The debtor will be keenly aware of our intense efforts to be paid when they realize we know them as an individual debtor and not as a part of a bulk group of debtors who receive the same dunning letters as all the others with information that at times does not even pertain to them and certainly never addresses their specific circumstances. Lastly, with an account being assigned as a 'collection account' as opposed to an 'outsourced assignment' the debtor is dealing with Quality Collection Services, Inc. (QCS) a fully sanctioned, licensed, and bonded Collection Agency in the State of Colorado that is an affiliate member of both Experian and Dun & Bradstreet Credit Reporting Agencies. A fact that is reinforced on ever letter they receive from QCS, Inc. While this obviously turns the debtor's perception south, it does underscore to them the nature of QCS' business, the importance of their credit history, and the serious steps you are taking to collect your just debt from them.) From there, our professional collectors will ensure everything is done to collect your money, etc.

'Legal Judgment' Collections (commercial and consumer/retail): Much like the Collection Services above, QCS can assist you in enforcing a judgment. If it is a search for assets that is needed to prompt a debtor to pay a court ordered judgment, or a judgment report to the Credit Reporting Agencies, or a simple letter from a third party explaining the circumstances, QCS is equipped to do what is necessary for us to collect for you.

Remember the quality, knowledge, and effectiveness of the person handling your A/R portfolio is a direct reflection on you.

A/R Portfolio Management (commercial and consumer/retail): QCS, Inc. can and will assist you with your daily A/R operations. From the posting of payments to the correct account and invoices to the maintenance of your A/R Trial Balance to the collection of your most past due account QCS has the experience and knowledge to do so. We can monitor your A/R portfolio and automatically call on any account(s) that we see goes past a benchmark you have established. You can pre-determine for QCS what account(s) and/or when you want QCS to call on your behalf as a 'Credit Services' company doing an 'audit' or a 'soft' or a 'courtesy' collection call. You can tell us what account(s) and/or when you want QCS to call or your behalf as a 'Collection Agency', etc. However you determine QCS can best meet your A/R portfolio needs we can tailor a program to meet those needs.

Bad-Check Collections: Don't allow those N.S.F. checks to go without attention. They are significant obstacles to your bottom-line goal. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) affords you certain rights with regard to N.S.F. checks. Take advantage of these rights! QCS, Inc. can help you in this entire area.

Remember the quality, knowledge, and effectiveness of the person handling your A/R portfolio is a direct reflection on you.

Collection Consulting: Not sure what to do next, or where to turn to with a difficult A/R account? QCS, Inc. will gladly assist you with ideas, suggestions, and options that you may not have been aware of, or have yet to try. Are you 'protected' on your A/R portfolio balances? Do you know your timelines and deadlines on filing dates, where applicable? Do you know what protections you have? QCS, Inc. can help you in these areas, too.

Collector Training, Misc. Credit/Collection Services: If you or an employee is new to the collection field, QCS, Inc. can offer hints, tips, and assistance in helping the person become an effective and efficient A/R employee. Likewise, if A/R maintenance is just becoming a concern to you for whatever reason, QCS, Inc. can offer insight in how to set your department up, what to look for in collectors, assistance with the creation and structure of incentive programs, ideas to increase efficiency and effectiveness, etc.

QCS, Inc.: "Collections" is not an enjoyable task or job for most employees, and is not looked upon favorable in most quarters. Nonetheless, it is a vital function to the financial health and well being of a company.

QCS, Inc. is proud to have a wide array and variety of credit/collection services that are outlined above to offer to you. They can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Difficult A/R accounts that have been charged-off as bad-debts; think of QCS, Inc.-Collection Services

N.S.F. checks that have not been paid; think of QCS, Inc.- Bad-check Collection Services

A/R portfolio (1-120 days+ past-due) in need of attention due to vacation schedules, economic downturn, need for cash influx, etc.; think of QCS, Inc.- A/R outsourcing assignments and/or A/R Portfolio Management Services

Individual, difficult accounts in your portfolio (1-120 days+ past due) in need of special attention; think of QCS, Inc.-A/R outsourcing assignments.

Questions and/or concerns with credit/collections accounts, departments, employees, efficiency and effectiveness, etc.; think of QCS, Inc.-Collection Consulting, Collector Training, and Misc. Services.

QCS, Inc. is here to help you meet any of your credit/collection needs! Collections are what we know! Collections are what we do!

Remember the quality, knowledge, and effectiveness of the person handling your A/R portfolio is a direct reflection on you.

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